Building a Better Life Through Vision Care for Those Who Need it Most

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The Vision of Hope Foundation

The Opticians Association of America Foundation (Vision of hope) was formed to promote international, national and community-based vision related mission work. They also have two other divisions, one to promote opticianry education such as helping students or supporting the optical heritage museum and the other is to help develop future leaders through mentoring programs.

The programs of The Vision of hope foundation are funded through voluntary contributions from individuals and corporations. Your financial and voluntary support is vital to the important work the foundation performs, Please complete the donation form and submit it with your contributions to the foundation. Donations to the foundation are tax deductible.

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Vision of Hope foundation is a non-profit foundation that was created in 2011 by the Opticians Association of America. Vision of Hope supports missions across the world, educational support with the Vision of Hope Grant Foundation in honor of Russell Fritz, Sr. for second year students, supports travel to OAA’s Leadership Conference, and houses the Eric Muth Library and Museum collection that is being displayed at the Optical Heritage Museum in Southbridge, Ma.

The Vision of Hope Foundation was formed to promote opticianry education, develop future opticianry leaders, and perform international, national and community based vision related mission work. The Vision of Hope Foundation’s mission is to provide vision for the needy; one pair of glasses at a time through education, leadership and mission work.

In 2016, we have helped many individuals impact countless people across the globe. We have helped missions work in 6 countries and the United States of America. Missions were funded through frame vendor’s partnership to help Americans. Your dollars help people here as well as abroad. Please inquire about what you can do to help our missions. Donations were made to help students gain further education to our profession and towards further educating our profession through our past. We need to know where we have been to know where we are going.

“Help America See” is a mission of OAA, though helping the World See is a cause every optician can get behind. How can you help?

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You always can visit our website to apply for missions and scholarships. Donate towards others going on missions, help fund students for education, and most importantly help those in need.

With help from opticians like you and vendor partners, we are able to fund all of these amazing endeavors. Some of our vendor partners have arrangements where when you buy from them they give to us. If you have any questions about programs that can support our causes please email me

Mission Work | Vision of Hope

Mission Work

Mission Program was developed to create a mission database in order to assist opticians who are looking for an opportunity to provide vision care to those less fortunate.


Russel Fritz Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in memory of Russell Fritz as a tribute to his personal contributions to and achievement in the field of opticinary.


Designed to provide travel grants to second year students a NFOS Schools in order for talented students to attend the Annual Opticians Association of America’s Leadership Conference.

Building a Better Life Through Vision Care for Those Who Need it Most

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