Vision of Hope of Hope Foundation and
Central Washington Eye Clinic
Yakima Washington Mission

The Vision of Hope Foundation partnered with Central Washington Eye Clinic on October 20, 2018 for a Local State Mission. During this special mission, we were able to service 115 people with free refractions. A special thank you to all who donated their time and talents to make this mission a huge success, as we change lives and gave hope to 115 people who could not otherwise afford eyecare.

Special thank you to:

Dr Abel Li, MD; Dr David Moon, OD; and Dr Jennette Stromme of Wine Country Vision for donating their time and talents to refract patients for the mission.

Front Desk: Lettie Gasca Esquivel and Yvonne Li of Central Washington Eye Clinic

Techs: Kindal Weedin, Abigail Vasquez, Brenda Rodriques, Brenda Vasquez, Jen Rodli, Meranda Hawkins from Central Washington Eye Clinic. Alika Kuni and Katie Franklin from Valley Vision Associates in Ellensburg, Washington.

Opticians: Donna Hatch, LDO; Rebecca Huntzinger, Apprentice; Karla Barjas, Apprentice from Central Washington Eye Clinic; and David Reed, LDO from Valley Vision Walla Walla, WA; and Jose Guadarrama, LDO from Toppenish Farm Workers.

Frame and Lens Sponsors: Essilor Vision Foundation; Europa International (Mike Barry and Jamie Hayes Swenson); ClearVision Optical Company (Kathy Schultz); Modo Eyewear (Monti Blazevich); Modern Optical International (Chris Millet and Linda Fitzgerald); and Brillen Eyes (Graham Haak).

The Vision of Hope Foundation: Mission is to provide vision for the needy; one pair of glasses at a time through mission work, education, and leadership.

Central Washington Eye Clinic: Is committed to providing excellent eye care to our patients, to help them understand all aspects of their vision, and striving to optimize the talent and skills of our staff.